1. What is Retinol and Why Should I Use It?

    What is Retinol and Why Should I Use It?

    Retinol is an ingredient that can truly change your skin. We’re talking fairy godmother turning back time with one simple ingredient change in your skin’s appearance. Interested? We thought so… What is retinol? When you hear the term retinol, it’s actually referring to any product that contains the active ingredient “retinoids.” Retinoids can be produced in a number of different types and...

  2. Products for Your Skin Type

    Products for Your Skin Type

    Are you dry, oily, combination, normal, or sensitive? The first step in developing a skincare routine and picking the best skincare products is to determine your skin type! According to Christian Millett, a board-certified dermatologist with Forefront Dermatology, “Knowing your skin type will allow you to choose the right cleansers, moisturizers, and other products to keep your skin looking and feeling...

  3. Always Get Laser Treatments Done By An Experienced Professional

    Always Get Laser Treatments Done By An Experienced Professional

      There are a number of laser treatments that you may wish to undergo in order to help you improve the appearance of your skin. Lasers have become very commonly used in the cosmetic dermatology field because of their immense power to improve the appearance of skin. Laser therapy, including CO2 laser therapy, can be used to remove sun spots...

  4. Should You See a Doctor About Wrinkles or Sagging Skin?

    Should You See a Doctor About Wrinkles or Sagging Skin?

    Many people are not happy with their appearance because their skin is beginning to sag or because they are starting to develop wrinkles. If you look in the mirror and do not like what you see, you probably will want to do something about it. However, many people are afraid to take the first step to call a doctor to...

  5. Summer Sun Skin Damage Reversal

    Summer Sun Skin Damage Reversal

    The summer will be over soon. If you have spent time in the sun, you may be wondering now how to reverse some of that potential skin damage done by its rays, particularly if you experienced a burn. While it is not possible to reverse all effects of sun damage, there are steps that can be taken to rejuvenate the...

  6. Botox vs Sweat

    Botox vs Sweat

    Do you struggle with sweat? Does the slightest amount of heat make you wonder if you need more deodorant, or make you feel like showering and changing clothes? Sweating may not be a harmful condition, but it can be an extreme inconvenience in many ways. Believe it or not, there is something that may help: Botox. It may seem odd...

  7. Why You Should Never Do Indoor Tanning

    Why You Should Never Do Indoor Tanning

    Indoor tanning may make you feel as if you look great and have golden bronze skin. The problem is, indoor tanning is terrible for your skin. Indoor tanning can significantly increase your risk of skin cancer, including melanoma (which can be life-threatening) as you expose your skin to concentrated UV rays. Indoor tanning also causes premature aging. There is no...

  8. Healthy Skin on a Daily Basis

    Healthy Skin on a Daily Basis

    Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips   1. Protect your skin from the sun: Sun protection forms the foundation of every anti-aging skin-care plan. The sun’s rays make our skin age more quickly. We have so much evidence that the sun prematurely ages our skin that there is actually a word to describe this effect. This word is: “photoaging.” To help patients...

  9. Common Causes of Dry Skin

    Common Causes of Dry Skin

      Dry skin can be unsightly and unpleasant to feel. You need to make sure you understand what the common causes of dry skin are so you can try to take steps to avoid having your skin become a scaly mess. One of the major causes of dry skin is a drop in temperature that occurs over the winter. When...

  10. Considering Laser Scar Revision

    Considering Laser Scar Revision

    Overview   Laser skin resurfacing is a popular cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effects of the sun, aging, and scars. It can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and many others. Laser light heats the dermis, stimulating the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. With new advances...

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