Dr. Jacobson's daughter is 8 years old and has suffered from scalp psoriasis for 2 years. Despite twice daily intensive topical treatments and medications by her dermatologist mom, her psoriasis continued to worsen. She had itchy, scaly sores on her scalp and behind her ears that she constantly scratched. Most days she was pretty uncomfortable and often distracted at school because of her psoriasis.

Knowing that the next step had to be taken, Dr. Jacobson chose to treat her daughter with Ra Medical Systems' Pharos Excimer Laser. After just 3 weeks of treatment with the Excimer Laser, our little patient has greatly improved and no longer requires twice a day application of topical medications to her scalp. It has been a life changing treatment for her.

progress of treatment area

Excimer laser is a series of targeted treatments typically done twice per week for several weeks to months depending on thickness of the lesions treated. It can be done on any area, including scalp, genital area and face. It is painless, effective and extremely safe.

This therapy is covered by Medicare & most insurance policies. We will verify coverage to insure you will be aware of what your individual policy will allow.

before and after treatment

Information from the American Academy of Dermatology, Recommendations for excimer laser therapy.