Sometimes scars plague us. We all have them; some are from weight loss and gain, others are from acne, and many more. You don’t have to live with them, however. You can get them visibly reduced via surgery, dermabrasion, or laser scar revision.

Laser scar revision is a method for improving the appearance of many scar types—injuries, acne, etc. Lasers have the ability to reduce the build-up of collagen that causes scars on your skin. Basically, they remove those excess skin layers to reveal the healthy skin underneath. The laser also helps renew collagen to help your skin heal and grow better. Each treatment leaves your skin more and more clear with healthier-looking skin.

Though dermabrasion can treat scars, too, some simply won’t respond to the milder treatment and require the stronger laser. Dermabrasion and lasers are two of the most common scar revision procedures. They are relatively simple and carry few risks. Surgery is an option for more severe scarring; once surgery is done and healed, lasers may be an option for further revision.

The mildness of the procedure doesn’t mean that it is right for everyone. People with existing skin conditions might not qualify for laser revision. Even people with very sensitive skin might need another method. Certain medications do not react well to lasers, too. As with any procedure, there are a few risks, but most are very mild. There might be some skin discoloration and your doctor may ask you to avoid sun exposure. However, laser scar revision is very safe, overall.

If you’re bothered by your scars, ask a physician about the best revision method for you. At Inverness Dermatology and Laser, we offer surgical scar revision, laser therapy, and many other dermatological procedures you keep your skin healthy and looking its best.