The summer will be over soon. If you have spent time in the sun, you may be wondering now how to reverse some of that potential skin damage done by its rays, particularly if you experienced a burn. While it is not possible to reverse all effects of sun damage, there are steps that can be taken to rejuvenate the skin and help recover its healthy glow.
Topical Treatments: If the damage to your skin is mild, there are plenty of topical treatments available. Prescription bleaching agents as well as chemical peels can help lighten spots on your skin that have darkened over time. Natural exfoliants and moisturizers are also helpful if your skin is dry and damaged.
Laser Treatments: Laser treatments and photodynamic therapy are potential solutions for more obvious results of sun skin damage. In laser therapy, laser light pulses penetrate the skin to eliminate the potentially harmful cells and promote new, healthy cell growth. The side effects are often minimal, and many people see results within only a few days. Photodynamic therapy targets abnormal, rapidly dividing pre-cancerous cells and can reduce the risk of future skin cancers in the treated areas.
If you want to know the best method to reverse sun skin damage, contact a dermatologist. At Inverness Dermatology and Laser, we can determine the best course of action, customized for your skin’s needs. As soon as your fun in the sun has ended, let’s start revitalizing your skin.